Raziq Technical Solutions: Fasteners Stockist, UAE

Raziq Technical Solutions a UAE based stockist and distributor of quality and cost-effective fasteners in UAE covering a wide range of products, materials different industries like Oil and Gas, Refineries, Petrochemicals, Marine, and Construction industries.

We are specialized suppliers of fasteners in UAE to international standards of foundation bolts, hex bolts, marine bolts, and PTFE coated bolts UAE and tailored non-standard fasteners for end-user applications. We work with the highest volume distribution center for nuts, bolts, anchor bolts, washers, and regular fasteners of both ferrous and non-ferrous materials, fulfilling customer requirements in the Middle East region. This diversity provides our customers with a competitive advantage, certified quality, outstanding service, and the quickest delivery possible by implementing ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Framework to meet and surpass the requirements or standards of our customers with our dedication.

Non-stocked items can be produced from our inventory of stored carbon, low alloy, high alloy or stainless steel and other non-ferrous exotic materials to meet any ASTM / ASME, DIN, EN ISO or customer standard within accepted days. We are made up of a team of competent, professional sales & technical workers to answer any questions and technical clarifications to ensure customer service. Raziq Technical Solutions provide all kind of fasteners in UAE and all EMEA Regions.

Raziq Technological Solution has always been helping its customers to perform better by meeting their demand for quality, efficiency, and competitiveness, and one of the fastener stockists in the United Arab Emirates that dedicated to innovation.


Fastener or Fastener is a hardware tool that mechanically connects or affixes two or more objects together. In general, fasteners are used to build non-permanent joints; that is, joints that can be replaced or removed without harming the joint components. We use fasteners regularly, from everyday household appliances to hi-tech machinery and gizmos used in industries.

Domestic uses of fasteners include basic applications from holding tables and chairs together, to holding parts of our cars and vehicles together. Almost everything we use or interact with is being held together by some sort of fastener. Fasteners are commonly associated with threaded or non-permanent fasteners in general, but, are of two types; general fasteners and threaded fasteners.

Fastener stockiest in UAE provide an extensive variety of minute latches, which are for the most part utilized for the sheltered and secure connection of any business and private machines. With the vast developing mechanical requirements, fastener manufacturers in UAE have thought of advancements in attaching innovation. They have structured latches a lot lighter and littler which are perfect for the requesting electrical and hardware industry.

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