Ceramic Fasteners

Ceramic Fasteners:

Ceramic fasteners are ideal for a range of applications with high-performance advantages including medical, high-temperature, acid & corrosive conditions, extreme gas circumstances, aviation & analytical devices and more.

Ceramic outperforms metals in many categories, its been an excellent choice for electronics and as well as instrumentation. Alumina (Al203) and Zirconia (Zr02) are the two groups of ceramic fasteners base on their main chemical compounds. Using Ceramic parts and components increase performance benefits in OEM products and stainless steel.

Enhanced corrosion and wear. Ceramic parts are engineered to withstand saltwater, acids and other chemicals to minimize failure and keep maintenance costs down. In addition to corrosion, unique ceramic components may be built to work in high-temperature environments.

Electrical insulation. Custom ceramic components typically insulate from 70eV to 300kV and can be designed to insulate voltage lower and higher levels based on the need or application. Also, custom ceramic parts are non-outgassing (gas-tight) inert, non-conductive and defect-free – providing zero electrical conduction and application interference.

Thermal insulation. For customers needing thermal shock reduction, JSP may suggest custom ceramic parts for a variety of applications. Our partners may have a particular blend to meet technical specifications and tolerances.
Capacity to survive at high temperatures. Ceramic outperforms metal in high-temperature applications without melting or altering shape.