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Java 8 to Java 19

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Why are businesses still forced to use Java 8?

Build Tools:

With Java versions > 8, various libraries and build tools (Maven, Gradle, etc.) initially had issues and required updates.

Oracle Licensing:

You essentially used Oracle’s JDK builds up until Java 8 and didn’t have to worry about license. Oracle modified its license policy. However, this caused a lot of misunderstanding in 2019

Operating System Compatibility:

Some businesses only allow employees to use Long Term Support versions, and they wait for these builds from their OS vendors, which takes time.

How to migrate from Java 8 to latest version?

Using a test-driven strategy is the best method to take on the problem of updating your infrastructure and Java version at the same time. For any existing or upcoming upgrade, every business function must be automatically tested. This is a broad topic, so please contact RTS to learn how this migration project will give a seamless move from your present Java 8 version to the most recent Java versions.

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