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Our Methodology

Derived from proven techniques and past experience


If you cannot measure it you cannot improve it.
All IT services needs measurement to function and to improve the services to the next level
. In RTS, all services provided are periodically measured and reports are sent to the clients to visualize their progress.


If you cannot monitor it you cannot measure it. In RTS, we set key performance and data indicators on services to generate monitoring data either through propitiatory tools or third party tools. These data will be used to measure the performance of our service.


What is the point in building services (ex: website, social media) which cannot be marketed?
In RTS, we try to market every content and media through famous social media channels and adcampaigns.


The most difficult part of requirements gathering is not recording what user wants but helping users figure out what they want.
In RTS, building a new system or implementing a small change, requirements are analyzed whether it is quantifiable, relevant and detailed.


The design phase is the crucial part of any project.
In RTS, the requirements are transformed to design elements. Design elements describe the desired system features in details.


The development is the actual phase where ideas, concepts and requirements takes shape of tangible media.
The development phase is the longest phase in the service delivery lifecycle but RTS has mastered to make this phase as short as possible by placing optimum number of qualified resources to produce high quality product.