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What is online marketing?

Before we understand Facebook Marketing, we have to understand online marketing in general. Successful marketing is about getting your business and your message in front of potential customers. The major problem with advertising platforms is that a large proportion of the advertising budget is wasted through presenting advertisement to unintended online audience. Right Advertisement to the Right Audience is the key for online marketing.

Why Facebook Marketing?

The second most visited place on earth is Facebook. Facebook has nearly 1 billion registered users worldwide. One out of every nine people on earth now has a Facebook account and for 50% of them log on every single day.

Facebook Marketing Benefits

Facebook users are not idle. They are there to post to talk about share and even recommend their favorite products and services. Unlike the offline world where you can only communicate with one or two friends at a time. Facebook allows users to instantly share their message and thoughts with hundreds of friends all at once. According to Facebook the average user now has 130 friends that’s 130 people that can recommend your business tube with just the click of a button.

Target Audience

You can advertise based on age, location, personal interests, income level, education and so on. This means your message only ever gets shown to those people who are truly interested in your products or services.Facebook also allows you to have a two-way conversation with your customers allowing them to give you direct feedback and suggestions even reviews about your business.

Lumine Technologies has the potential to influence online users to become the potential customers. It also provides marketing for other social media platforms as well.


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